090511 Avex CEO Matsuura’s blog update

TVXQ’s 2 Days Tour at Saitama Super Arena, Finished!

The last stage was the final one.

Live at Saitama Super Arena, was ended safely.

and Junsu’s leg is recovering well, yet

he still can’t dance a lot.

His leg ability is now getting to wider range from only moving to walking.

TVXQ are still the same 5 members.

They help each other to create a stage.

After they made performance at NHK last year,

they never stop appearing in TV broadcasts.

Tohoshinki’s popularity is rising a lot.

Because they have certain skills, thus they got all those attention.

At Saitama Super Arena, many people from media,

actors, and actresses who

come to see the concert.

Tohoshinki keep embaracing everyone

who give supports til the end.

Thank you.

About how the concert’s going, please visit

TOHOSHINKI MOBILE and for PC can visit

Special LIVE Tour official report site!

After this, Tohoshinki live in Sendai.

Please look forward to the stunning performance once more!

Meanwhile, for Tohoshinki’s latest updates

TVXQ Official site


2009-05-11 07:00:21

CEO Matsuura blog


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