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Super Junior’s 너라고 (It’s You) MV

Let’s divert our attention to DBSK’s label mates for awhile^^ Super Junior’s 너라고 (It’s You) MV was officially released today!

EDIT: I added the official version! Not much of a difference though!

The song is pretty catchy! My current favorite super junior member is hankyung, he is so cute in Full House! (which being the slow person that I am only watched it early this year) and no I’m not cheating on Yoochun XD, (even though I think hankyung is really really cute in the MV) because the one and only time I ‘broke up’ with Yoochun (last month, for the stupidest reason ever), all the fangirls around me went into total chaos, keeping me away from their respective boyfriends and husbands XD I received threat notes, was nearly made an outcast and even Taqiah forbid me to ever start another love scandal/drama and to stay far far away from her Changmin. So yeah, if I so much so as mention the words ‘break up with Yoochun’, I’ll lose all my fangirl friends T_T

Leaked ver-
credit: sjfullhouse + kpoplady

credits: GemieSJ

I don’t know if I’m slow again, but OMG does Heechul have short hair?? Si won is looking pretty good too^^ and hankyung at 1:51!! The sad look *faints* I have a thing for sad looks… Yoochun should know and speaking of Yoochun, he is so gonna kill me for looking at them! I better go now! *goes back into DBSK fandom*


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PODO NAMU restaurant in Japan

Remember in Shabekuri 007, the boys mentioned about this place being one of their fav restaurants in Japan? This is it:) With their autographs as well!

I want this on my wall as well XD (I seemed to have grown addicted to this emoticon)

Credits: DBSKnights +TVXQbaidu + as Tagged
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DBSK Don’t say goodbye + wrong number perf

It’s an old video, end of ’08, but I just wanted to share with everyone, especially new DBSK fans! I remember when I first fell in love with them, I looked everywhere for more videos to watch^0^

I love Yoochun’s hair here~ SO HOT. I was in love with Jaejoong when this video first came out last year so I didn’t pay as much attention as I should have to Yoochun. I only fell for Yoochun in Jan this year~ I’m bad with commitment, all the other celebrities I used to like lasted about three months. Thankfully, I made it passed that with yoochun *does a happy dance* Seriously I have never loved a celebrity/band this much before to be so involved in the fandom. There is just something special about Dbsk huh? The love just keeps getting stronger XD And I’m lucky that Jaejoong isn’t my fav anymore or I would have been stabbed by Janice*0*

I wished baby could have kept this hair style for a longer period, I’m not really digging his Michael Jackson look that he currently has :/  Cut it please!!! please!!

credits: withTVXQ & happygatto on powerapple + vivinjolian@youtube

btw, my friend pointed out to me that Changmin looks kinda shocked in the first part of the vid XD



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Yoochun’s Timeout opening! + his mom and Yoohwan


I always pay special attention to Timeout just because it’s Micky’s♥

I want one of those micky mouse shaped fans XD Read More

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Boys VS Girls: Battle of the Pops

Well there’s a new voting competition held by Channel V much like the previous one but this time it’s Girls VS Guys as the entry title suggests…ummm not very sure if the results will showcase any kind of triumph of girl power VS guy power or else the triumph of guy groups will show the triumph of girl power coz well…fangirls usually fangirl over guy groups..? Haha anyways…

Anyways, it’s already the second round and our beloved TVXQ has just beaten Wondergirls 4283 to 1438 votes while on the other side Suju had beaten SNSD 4262 to 1189 votes. See the ambiguity? Girls or guys triumph essentially?? Coz fans decide popularity you know even regardless of the gender of the groups.

I have a feeling TVXQ will face off Suju again and from the looks of early round votings, some TVXQ fans want justice for our heroes, and when or if they face off they will be in the final round (because honestly I don’t think the other stars stand a chance). Whatever the case, Western pop is really getting BEAT in the votes haha ASIAN PRIDE! hehe and it’s nice to see more Indonesian/ Southeast Asian stars like Kris Dayanti and Agnes Monica included, because Asia is not just made of East Asia okay!

Follow the competition and vote for your favourites (TVXQ hehe pardon the bias) by clicking on the picture above 🙂


PS: sorry for the long rambling post 😛

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Tohosinki Tops in Taiwan



Credits: DBSKnights +TVXQbaidu + as Tagged

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[Famcam] THSK TSC tour

Junsu’s adlib ~ Beautiful You @ TSC Tour Saitama 090509

credits:meiting88 + dreamsxxdbsk

[Fancam/Eng Sub] “Junjuwa” Junsu @ Saitama 090510

Credit: ukisima+xiahsoul+dnbn + charismayun

[AUD] 4th Live Tour TSC – Secret Game

credit: baidu + dbsknightsblog + ikemenjae2

[FANCAM] 090509 4th Live Tour TSC Saitama – Begin + Nobody Knows

credit: shobox + ikemenjae2


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[Admin] THANK YOU♥♥♥

We’ve hit more than 10,000 views!!! Thank you everyone! ありがとう! 감사합니다! *throws confetti in the air*

We are really glad that we have readers coming to our blog~ We didn’t expect much from this blog, we started it in Feb ’09  just so that we could ramble on about DBSK and whatnot. Neither Taqiah or me has any experience in this sort of fan work and both of us were not really into it until late April when we decided to get serious. Ever since then, we have been getting a steady number of views daily which has pushed us to continue on.

There are times when we feel like pulling our hair out in frustration with all the uploading of pictures, but in the end it was all worth it. We are happy to share DBSK love with everyone and hope to reach out to even more viewers!

We are still relatively new at this so we hope you’ll continue to stay with us as we learn more^^ We hope to get more comments as well~


Denise and Taqiah


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THSK TSC part 24-Saitama (Junsu focus)

This should be at Saitama, I’m getting confused myself XD

Read more

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Jaejoong and Junsu endorsing Ziozia


old one from ziozia

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN
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