[Trans&Pics] TSC tour Staffs’ Report at Kobe

Kobe Concert Staff Account
Finally Start!

Today, The Arena tour is finally starting in the Kobe World Event Hall!
The members are eating food healthily(^^)
This is the Dressing Room Panel^

Looks yummy!

551 pig dumplings~

The members are well too!

The member’s really love

Changminnie ate extremely fast.


Pork Okonomiyaki

While we were waiting for them to finish making it,
Changminnie kept talking to the manager, eating

One more bowl!

Yoochun kept ating the delicious pork dumplings!
He liked it so much that he wanted to bring it with him (^3^)/

Yunho vers.!

It is Kobe’s 2nd day!
Todays picture is Yunho’s version
Junsu ate food healthily since the morning~

Yoochun and Jaejoong..

What the 2 are watching is
Yoochun was watching it and then Jaejoong joined..
and now for the first time, the staff are peeking too!

Jaejoong’s Makeup

Jaejoong getting his makeup done, while having a conversation
To be exact, I think he’s also checking his phone (^O^)


The 4 are looking at the PC screen in serious expressions..
They are watching !
We have to be ready now!

Origin: STAFF REPORT Homepage
Translated: Mizuna @ SharingYoochun@WordPress
Original Sharing: SharingYoochun@WordPress

Maybe I should try watching One piece again, my brothers loves that show and I watched some episodes with him before but I wasn’t hooked it to. I’m more of a bleach girl^^ I remember watching some shows where the boys mentioned that they love bleach too!


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