090508 THSK Gimpo Airport Part-I Lost Count

I think…they should just convert this place into their home. Why don’t they fly private? Surely their THSK empire can afford one plane? haha~


my dear malnourished prince changmin’ (get the word play? :D). Eat more sleep more. Haha. He IS still dashing though 😀




Oh?They travel Asiana Airlines? haha…Perhaps I shouldn’t have pointed that out..


 bluek! Still can’t take a bad pic of me, even if it’s a fuzzy one!




changminah~ take care :0

oh you realized I’m changmin-biased? teehee^^  

credit: on pic + 踏网采花_无畏 + baidu
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress + fanaholic@wordpress






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