2NE1’s HOT debut

2NE1 debuts today 6th May with their new song ‘Fire’ with two different MVs shot. 2NE1’s first ever stage debut will be on SBS Inkigayo this 17th of May while there are plans to release a mini-album and then a full length one in July and October respectively. Teasers for the new MV initially attracted 200,000 views to their site and despite some disparaging comments, 500,000 views were attracted with the release of the full MVs (Credits:ygnxgeneration @ wordpress )

Check out the two versions already on Youtube here:

(Videos uploaded by jreissol90 and YGLadies respectively @ YT)

I personally prefer the street version coz it’s umm..less alien..haha the space version kinda stretched the whole ‘next generation’ idea a bit much though i LOVEEE CL’s cool specs in the space version. I’ve got the utmost respect for Minji. She’s just overflowing with talent and at such a young age! (Makes me feel old and decadent T___T”). The song overall is another addictive hit and the MV is another colourful sensation that’s fresh with it’s outta this world fashion sense…and the fashion really IS outta this world..like what the heck are they wearing. As odd to me as it is they still exude some kinda cool. Haha^^ check them out. I think they’ll be giving the other girl groups ALOT to be worried about. 😀


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