090505 Avex CEO Max Matsuura Blog Update

The first day of TVXQ!

Mobilizing 250,000 audiences in “4th LIVE TOUR 2009 ~ The Secret Code ~” at Kobe World Memorial Hall had started!

However, the day before the concert–at rehearsal time, one of the members Junsu injured his leg and it’s hard for him to even walk.

This condition was explained by the staff at the beginning of the concert.

Due to this accident, they had to change quickly the form of dance without Junsu participated in it. Junsu said in strong hope, “I still want to do the live concert!”

So by telling everyone before the opening of the concert, finally the first day of the tour was conducted safely. There was warm cheer from all audiences, thank you very much.

Junsu together with all members were very pleased with all the cheers.

After the concert, everyone was tired, but this is picture of the members in dressing room:

It’s already expected reviews of today’s concert content along with Junsu’s condition status.

Please watch the rehearsal!

source: CEO Matsura’s blog
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

ahhhh!! i read at sharingyoochun that Yoochun is sick as well *sobs* Let’s pray for the members’ health! I hope Junsu will be well enough to dance during the Dome concert.


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