Rumor: Junsu injured?!

This is still a rumor! Nothing has been confirmed, no official news has been released so let’s pray Junsu is well!! This is so depressing T.T. It’s only the first day!

Saw this on baidu







means that at the beginning of the concert, staff made an annoucement saying Junsu has got his leg hurt
that he couldn’t even manage to walk
but Junsu still insists to perform therefore they have made some changes to today’s program



new updates:





he is sitting on the wheelchair to perform…

oh boy, please take good care of yourself…..T___T
feel so bad when I saw this…that reminds me of Jae at the Rising Sun concert…
credits: Baidu 豆花Bar & michellelo731@soompi + hopeiswaking@DBSGLJ
SharedBy: DBSKnights + fanaholic@wordpress


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One response to “Rumor: Junsu injured?!

  1. taqiah

    junsu go and rest!!! T_T

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