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More pictures of inside Yoochun’s gelato shop

source: funywon21+tvxqmiace
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress + fanaholic@wordpress

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Welcome to Fanaholic!

Hi! Welcome to Fanaholic@wordpress♥

We, the blog admins (Denise and Taqiah) started out this blog as a Korean Entertainment blog which by fate, luck, destiny or whatever you call it become into a 99% DBSK based blog. We like getting to know more DBSK fans from all around the world and to share the DBSK love♥

We are glad that you came to our blog and we would really appreciate if you take note of following rules~


-It kills our bandwidth and this really annoys us as uploading pictures is very tiring and tedious. Nobody wants to see the pictures disappear too!

-What is hotlinking? It is taking our direct picture links and posting them to other sites without saving the image into YOUR computer and uploading it to your hosting site (imageshack/photobucket/flickr). For download links, please direct people to our post, instead of placing the direct download links on other websites.


-No one likes stolen work so please credit ALL the original sources and previous sharers because even if we may not bother too much (we’ll just be very upset), they will!

-We will be very happy though, if you will also add fanaholic@wordpress to the information that is taken out from here.

-However, we do bother if our original work (graphics we made, interviews/videos we translated/subbed, etc) are not credited.


-Respect all artists and everyone here. Comments that contain any form of bashing will be deleted.


-We really do appreciate comments. Even if it is just a thank you. We put hours into this blog without expecting anything in return, but it would make us smile if you leave a comment for us♥ especially when you downloaded stuff from here! As we said earlier, we like getting to know more DBSK fans, sooo please leave do leave your thoughts here and get to know other fans as well. Don’t worry about your English skills! We don’t care about things like that:) Please feel free to message us at fanaholic8@gmail as well^^

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Thanks for reading!


Denise and Taqiah


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Many faces of Micky Yoochun + Jaejoong’s “Shoyu Koto”


credit: TVXQBaidu
shared: xU♥Vcass@OneTVXQ + DBSKnights + sharingyoochun@wordpress + fanaholic@wordpress

credits: Only5tohoshinki
shared: DBSKnights + sharingyoochun@wordpress + fanaholic@wordpress


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DBSK’s Share the world Bigeast Version

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DBSK Cellphone Wallpaper part2

There are extra pictures for size 240 x 400. The ones above are only included in 240 X 400.

240 X 320 25 files

240 X 400 37 files

Please take out with full credit
Credits: DNBN + fanaholic@wordpress


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DBSK Cellphone Wallpapers

78 pics

240 X 432


240 x 320


240 x 400


Please take out with full credits
Credits: DNBN + fanaholic@wordpress



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DBSK on Ontama Unreleased scenes eng sub

Credits: DBSKnightsBlog@youtube

Jaejoong hogging the camera again XD The way he imitated Junsu is hilarious! AND Junsu’s expression!!!


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090501 Yunjae Secret Code promotion eng sub

credits: YHLoverXP@youtube


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090324-090502 Changmin’s UFO replies translations

Fan : Tour is about the start ^_^ Our members…must finish it healthy as ever! Hwaiting! (>_<)
ChangMin : Thank you^^ Now go to sleep

Fan : Oppa!! Keke do you still remember this hat~~??
ChangMin : Ah! This hat!
*fan’s avatar is ChangMin wearing a pink hat

(all 3 replies below are from the same person)
Fan : Don’t you wanna marry me oppa? Keke Then sign the marriage certificate!
ChangMin: I want to do neither. hahaha

Fan: Introduce this person to me oppa keke
ChangMin: Go find him yourself.
*fan’s avatar is Min

Fan: Oppa behind you!
ChangMin : What

Fan : This is oppa when oppa was still young kekeke
ChangMin : I still am haha
*fan’s avatar is Min during HiYaYa days

Fan : This is my man. Isn’t he cute?^^ He’s so cute when he smiles
ChangMin : Really?^^;
*fan’s avatar is Min

Fan : Oppa! What does “MAX” mean?
ChangMin : What do you think it means?

Translated by choco@TVXQFever
Please take out with full credits.

Credits : ohmicky + tvxqfever.blogspot.com
Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress


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DBSK- Nicola May Issue Interview Translations

More here

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