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090531 JaeJoong’s Thank You Mail TSC Fukuoka

Everyone. I’m JEJUNG

I enjoyed myself doing live in Fukuoka these past days!!

Yunho and I were so sorry for not be able to come to Fukuoka the last time… (T/N: for TSC promotion)

However, finally I come and taste a lot of delicious food here (^ ○ ^)

Being able to meet staffs in Fukuoka is also delightful (^ ◇ ^) o

The most important is

I can meet all fans in Fukuoka \ (^ ◇ ^) /

These two past days are really enjoyable ~

Thank you, let’s meet again~\(^o^)

TAITAI! Thailand Thailand!

(T/N: TAI TAI is from FBS Night Shuffle, he’s imitating Junsu. And I guess he just connected TAI and Thailand together. The same when he connected XIAH and Malaysia – Indonesia back then, lol)

source: tohomobile + yukabon’s room
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress 

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090531 THSK TSC Staff Update Fukuoka Part 3

2009/05/31(Sun) 16:03

We start! 


So after Fukuoka’s 2 first performances (T/N: I think they’re referring to J-Min performance)

we start!

2009/05/31(Sun) 15:46

The treatment…


Junsu is taped.

and to listen to everyone’s cheer (to support him) stops his pain (^ ^)

We also ask for everyone big support today as well!


2009/05/31(Sun) 14:56

Please stop… 2


Yoochun gave gentle massage to Junsu!

Or to tell you the truth, he actually disturbed the trainer who was massaging Junsu (>_<)

Continuing my message yesterday, Yoochun, Please stop….

source: tsc staff report
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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090531 TohoMobile Quiz

Guess Whose?


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090531 THSK TSC Secrets


“Japan has the most wonderful and clear scenery than any other country I ever visited!”


Yoochun is the 5th member of Bigeast.


Jaejoong really love to train his muscle, but now he seems to try holding back to do so (as his fans dont like him to be too muscular)


When debuted, Changmin felt stressed as he’s the youngest,

But now everything become easier as he seems to be the oldest in the group.


Yunho’s face is turning red as soon as he starts to drink!

source: tohomobile + happyquest
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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they are getting less willing to share real secrets? o.O


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2PM Heats Up Music Core with New Dance Intro


HOT HOT HOT! XD You know I love them too. Especially Taec!^^

And photos!!


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Mirotic 3rd Asia Tour in Seoul

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THSK TSC Photos part 36

YAY new photos..but I will seriously GG if I upload them one by one (x___x)” So I zipped everything XD


  Group/Couple Snapshots

Yunho Focus

Jaejoong Focus

Micky Focus

Junsu Focus

And I save the best for last XD
Changmin Focus

Credits: DBSKnights + narutoo115

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