DBSK Mirotic in Seoul Photobook (Jaejoong)

credits: as tagged + dnbn



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6 responses to “DBSK Mirotic in Seoul Photobook (Jaejoong)

  1. taqiah

    jj only? haha anyways my friend is going to DIEEEEE when she see these pics! hehe i’ve done good converting her haha! 😀 and i love the new banner! 😀

  2. steph

    SHIT! pic 3 and 4 can make one FAINT!

  3. steph


  4. he’s taken by janice!! haha oh i ‘broke up’ with youknowwho haha!! janice says i’ll be back with him tmr!

  5. steph

    ZOMG! you broke up with him?! must be a one-off thing..hahah! im waiting for janice to break off with youknowwho too:) so i can have a secret affair:) GRINS..hahahha!

  6. Janice

    ahem steph..
    now that u mentioned, the intended affair is not secretive anymore.
    my love for him is everlasting, until a bad hair day comes! haha.

    come on denise,
    just get back together with him!!~

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