2NE1 Trainee Vids!

Image from: http://ent.sina.com.cn/

Seems that 2NE1 is creating quite the hype though not all responses to this new ‘female version of Big Bang’ is positive. In any case I found trainee vids on youtube uploaded by theYGsecret that should convince you their worth 😀

I think Park Bom sings it better than Rihanna heheh. I think she looks alot better without so much make up huh? What say you?

CL’s got ATTITUDE with a capital everything! haha I like her loads already ^^

Minji rocks too!!

I’m not sure why they don’t have a Sandara Park individual vid. Probably because she’s already proven herself a star when she was in the Philippines. Anyway this is a pretty good group dance vid.

I  hope that they’d also do some serious music like Epik High but keep the fun like what Big Bang did with Sunset Glow, so people would take them more seriously. Just a thought ^^

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