And the winner is…

세 상 에!!!

And so the voting mania comes to an end…we were 3000 short of Suju but who cares? No one’s gonna stop us from listening to the best band in the world (a.k.a DBSK) and have a blast! ^^ No offence to other bands and fans of other bands, we’re just DBSK-biased here at fanaholic (refer to above banner). Hehe and 3000 votes does not take away the undeniable talents of DBSK! As a matter of fact we should be celebrating the coming together of 27000 plus plus plus DBSK fans WORLDWIDE who have braved the always down Channel V site and despite the conspiracy theory of voting in spite which may or not be true (anyway denise has denied me bashing rights and because we are a blog for peace and DBSK!). In any case don’t mope, put ya DBSK records on and go totally fangirl again! Haha I’ll start with the always reliable remedy for your soul Youtube vid!

This is Sennen Koi Uta (Thousand Year Love Song) for the noobs like me who’ve been mugging all semester and listening to this for the first time even though Denise already probably put this up with the rest of the Secret Code songs but this one shows DBSK in their element – LIVE! I love love love them for a thousand years and more! And I know you do too! XD

And anyway to be fair, Suju does have pretty nice songs on their new album ‘Sorry Sorry’. Suju and DBSK are essentially buddies anyway 🙂



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4 responses to “And the winner is…

  1. hahhahaa, i haven’t put this up yet, but yeah i love this song! I wanted to do a stalker pic post of them coming back from Japan, but unfortunately I have exams tomorrow so i can’t upload the photosT_T Yoochun hair is like long again! I think it is extensions!

    I still wished DBSK won though, but it is fine because just seeing all the fans coming together despite of stupid channel v website was so heart warming:)

  2. btw, did u notice that in the video above, yunho is breathing kinda hard when he sang? 0_o

    Oh and wanted to ask you, are you back to full fan girl mood? or at least nearly there??

  3. taqiah

    haha hmm i wouldn’t say full fan girl mood more like businessy-want-to-promote-dbsk-to-the world kinda mood..which is kinda the same but without the dizzy feeling of always wanting to faint when i see their vids teehee^^

  4. haha i get what you mean:) that’s me right now too

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