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And the winner is…

세 상 에!!!

And so the voting mania comes to an end…we were 3000 short of Suju but who cares? No one’s gonna stop us from listening to the best band in the world (a.k.a DBSK) and have a blast! ^^ No offence to other bands and fans of other bands, we’re just DBSK-biased here at fanaholic (refer to above banner). Hehe and 3000 votes does not take away the undeniable talents of DBSK! As a matter of fact we should be celebrating the coming together of 27000 plus plus plus DBSK fans WORLDWIDE who have braved the always down Channel V site and despite the conspiracy theory of voting in spite which may or not be true (anyway denise has denied me bashing rights and because we are a blog for peace and DBSK!). In any case don’t mope, put ya DBSK records on and go totally fangirl again! Haha I’ll start with the always reliable remedy for your soul Youtube vid!
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