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DBSK ‘Share The World’ MV

video credit: miyakokaoin@youtube

Their new video is freaking funny and amusing! The CGI were soo LOL XD. I wonder what the swimming and flying were for, they were so hilarious!!!

Excusing the corniness of the video, the boys look GOOD and they look like they were having fun♥ which is always a good thing! The song is also pretty catchy and I can totally see myself being addicted to it for the next couple of days:)

btw, it will be best to watch the video asap as Avex is pretty quick in taking the videos down from youtube.

On another note, my “Secret Code” album has not arrived:( I hope it gets here soon! Can’t wait to see all the goodies:)

Oh and I wanted to post up pictures of dbsk from the Korea Sparkling Concert but my internet has decided to abandon me so I can’t upload any pictures yet:( Yoochun’s hair in the concert is questionable though. Why is he always the one with the weird styles?!?!?!?!?!??!?!


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