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Micky Is Not The Villain!

EDIT (denise): I just saw this. Explanation behind the whole Yoochun airport incident. It really clears everything up.

I’m really pissed with people calling Micky Yoochun names after the ‘Micky Got Mad’ fancam got released on Youtube showing him grabbing a lunatic’s fangirl’s digicam when she tried to take a picture before boarding the same flight as DBSK. I mean sure they’re celebs and people flashing camera after camera is ‘part and parcel of the celebrity life’ (as is the popular catch phrase used by people condemning Micky’s retaliation) but COME ON! Whatever happened to ‘Please may I have a photo’?…and is it not obvious enough that they’re dead beat after their very well known super duper packed schedules, tired because they were working to entertain well who else if not their fans?? Sure he could have ducked but hello?? He was cornered with a flashing light in his face. He braved the other gazillions of fancams but he was understandably provoked with that last one. If there should be anyone to apologize, rationally, it should be that inconsiderate nut ahead in line of him. Logic dictates that one shall not flash cameras in people’s faces, especially tired and irritable people, and expect the violated to take it lying down. Actually one just shouldn’t do it. Period. Huhh~ Stop the hating on Micky!
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