BOF final episode review

The season finale of “Boys over flowers” has finally come to a pass, as most of you rabid fans would already know (hands up, including mine). Even though it has been a few days since I last feast my eyes on the Korean F4, it is still hard to let go of the final images of the show and its characters imprinted in my mind. And so, what not a better way to bring forth closure by writing up my review on said episode 25?

Beforehand, a WARNING must be mentioned, that there might be some SPOILERS up ahead. So for those of you who have yet to watch BOF last episode, you have now to make the crucial choice of whether to read on, or avert your sight elsewhere.

Overall, the last episode of BOF did not fail to deliver and there were a few memorable scenes. However, I shall start from the dissatisfying aspects of the show before moving on to the more favourable ones. Firstly, the actress portraying character Jang Yoo Mi (aka hospital girl) is convincing as a conniving bitch. I could practically feel my blood boiling in indignation as she two-faced both Jan Di and Joon Pyo. Taking credit for a meal you did not cook for the sake of snagging the rich guy is not only downright dishonest but also an unwise move when you have to reproduce an identical meal. Thank goodness she got the boot in the early part of the episode when Joon Pyo finally regained his memory. Seeing Joon Pyo’s disregard for Jan Di was quite heart-breaking but at least that too did not last for long. Also, the early scene between Yi Jung and Ga Eul contained an element of longing between the both characters and I was so glad that Yi Jung finally reciprocated her feelings by telling her that he’ll be with her after his 4 years in Sweden if she has yet to find her soulmate. At first, I was skeptical about the 4 years which will prove to be too long a period of time apart. However, on second thought, both characters needed time of independence to mature and grow as individuals before getting into a relationship which made the storyline more convincing as opposed to getting them together immediately for the sake of the audience. My one complaint is that there was simply no kissing scene between them at all. No light peck on the cheek, not even a passionate, prolonging hug as far as I can recall. The scriptwriters must really want to retain the chasteness of the characters’ relationship by doing so, at the expense of dissatisfied audiences (namely myself).

To make up for that slight overlook, there was one heart-wrenching scene between Jan Di and Ji Hoo, in which Jan Di was upset over Joon Pyo. Now, I know that most viewers are supporters of the Jan Di /Joon Pyo coupling. Despite for my fondness of both Joon Pyo and Ji Hoo, I will have to say that I still preferred Jan Di with Ji Hoo, as they were evidently soulmates in every sense. I don’t think that Joon Pyo measured up to Ji Hoo in terms of compatibility but hey, these are 2 very hot guys we are talking about. It would always be a win-win situation for Jan Di in terms of her prospective suitors. Back to my review, in order to comfort Jan Di, Ji Hoo hugs her with unabandoned fervour in the middle of the sidewalk, which to me, provided a bittersweet moment to the episode. Knowing full well that Jan Di only has Joon Pyo in her heart.

My ultimate favourite scene was without a doubt, the pool scene in which Jan Di delivers a heartfelt speech to Joon Pyo and dramatizes the effect by taking mutiple steps back til she fell backwards into the pool and retrieves the precious necklace whilst suspended so serenely within the water. Until of course, he finally realizes who she really is to him and saves her. I won’t go into his dismal CPR skills but I must mention that when I was watching the above scene, I thought it the one of the most beautiful and effective moment in BOF history, the preciousness of the protagonist’s emotions so delicately portrayed.

In my opinion, Jan Di is not merely a fictional character but one who transcends the constraints of fantasy into reality by standing as a motivating figure to anyone. Her optimism is really something to learn from especially even after all the hardships she faced in love and survival. I felt genuinely pleased towards the end when things fell into place for Jan Di, with her getting accepting into medical school, her family moving back to their original home, Joon Pyo proposing to her… Perhaps this shows that good girls do end up finishing first, after all.


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  1. taqiah

    yeah i like the pool scene too, though as dramatic as it was ^^ but i also especially like the part where jun pyo’s mum finally mellows down and shows a ‘good’ side. that was really nice and luckily the part with the BOC (biatch on crutches) didn’t drag on. and yi jung came back hot as heck!denise watch out!haha~i just wished woo bin had more to do in the drama coz he was such a cool character.but anyway ’twas an enjoyable series XD

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