(Shabekuri)しゃべくり 007

This show is total love♥

The boys really seem to be enjoying themselves in the program, and Yoochun just keeps smiling:):):)

EDIT: All parts are subbed! Thanks to yunnie206 for subbing:)

    Part one, Part two, Part three and Part four

    Things to look out for:

    -Their Mirotic dance (Yoochun dances so lazily in this!)
    – Do DBSK really go to erotic clubs?! their responses were so funny!!
    – Junsu’s ‘gags’, he says that he is good at gags that are not funny at first until you think about themXD
    – Junsu being taught to do gags by the Tokyo gag machine!
    – Yunho’s hapkido. SO AWESOME.
    – Yunho’s fascination with the Don Quixote’s music.
    – The host asking Yoochun if he likes girls in short skirts XD HE IS SO CUTE! AND what colour of girls’ panties does he like!!!! his expressions and his response!
    – Junsu and Jaejoong being the most erotic!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Hilarious ‘desperate’ JJ here.
    – Yoochun eating♥♥♥ loves the way he chews! Kyaaaaa~~~~ excuse the FANGIRLING
    – One of the host really likes Yoochun♥ haha he thinks Yoochun is KAWAII and it is sooo FREAKING CUTE AND FUNNY when Yoochun got his head patted!!!
    – The last part with Yoochun and the host:):):) Love seeing Yoochun so happy and laughing away.

    I realised that i tend to ramble on and on about Yoochun~ haha he’s soooo cute in this show! I love this show. It’s entertaining and hilarious and the boys looked so happy:) Suddenly I don’t feel so shitty about life anymore. I really hope part 3 and 4 get fully subbed soon!

    BTW,I’m sooo glad that they have been appearing on more and more Japanese shows. They are really getting quite popular there. Their latest album have been doing really well:)



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2 responses to “(Shabekuri)しゃべくり 007

  1. taqiah

    omg micky-biased! but always dream about yunho! haha adding to micky’s 1001 problems ah you..kyaaaa~ you’re distracting me with awsome dbsk vids at this time! nooooo~ got alot of essays to do!!! lol o.O”

  2. taqiah

    yunho’s hapkido IS AWESOME!! drools~ i wanna learn

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