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Yoochun’s TIMEOUT GELATO Ice-Cream shop

I know that I should be studying but I just can’t not post this because it is about Yoochun!

Quoted from khiddy @Soompi:

I found this at mickyfan korean site . Yoochun gonna open his own ice cream Timeout Gelato. Im soooooooooo excited when i hear this news. Yoochun is really a man of his word. I remember he said in 8vs1 that he wants to open ice cream cafe for his mom. I really wann go there too.

here is the blog and photo of his shop . Its opening this May 2nd. Telephone number is also end with 0064. How cute!!! They said only male workers are required and tons of his fanboy fought for applications (mayb there was one who want to marry him at dream con hahaha).

Please take out with full credits.

I wanna go! They are even 94%-100% fat free!!!

I’m glad he has a business mind:) Maybe I can be the marketer for his shop when I graduate…Hmmm *rushes to study*


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DBSK’s Stand By You HQ preview

HQ preview!!! I love this song♥



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DBSK Stand By You Lyrics

I don’t think I will be updating tonight as I have an exam tomorrow:(
Lyrics from: 식용돌고래@DNBN



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DBSK’s new single(28th) ‘Stand By U’

Yay!! We finally get to hear it! Not sure when is the official release date though, meanwhile just enjoy. I love it already♥ The quality isn’t very good (I can hear Yoochun clearly though or maybe I’m just biased XD), I will put a better one up once someone uploads it!

credits: baidu + ikemenjae2@youtube

Click HQ for better audio.


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Omg Yunho 0_o

I first saw this over at allkpop and then again at Sharingyoochun AND I’m sure it is appearing on other blogs soooo may as well post it here.

I’m just glad it wasn’t Yoochun because if it was, I may have passed out straight away.

I wonder who spotted it first though, cause I didn’t notice it when i was watching the dvd.

What am I talking about? See for yourself. Only if you are NOT underage.

Around 2:51

video credit: xswtxchiqx@youtube

Still not sure? Click here to find out


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DBSK The Secret Code Ad on a Taiwan Bus

Why can’t I have a bus like that here in Sydney??? Or rather can we get more dbsk merchandise here as well?? I have to order everything online T^T

Shared by:sharingyoochun@wordpress


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Don’t cry JunsuT_T

credits: bioneuron@youtube

I don’t even know why I wanted to hear this song today, but I did and found this video. This is my first time hearing it and omg the song touched me so much!

As some of you may know, I am a Yoochun fan, so I didn’t think I would be affected by the song but OMG it broke my heart. It’s so sad. ABSOLUTELY HEARTBREAKING.

Yunho changed the lyrics to “because Junsu’s heart might be sad” in 5:28! AND before that Yoochun turned to Junsu and sang “Don’t cry, please don’t cry.” Omg, I love that part so much. I had to hold back tears. The way they sang the song, I felt that as Junsu was singing it to his ex-girlfriend, the other members were singing it for him.

Junsu always looks so happy and bright, watching this made me see him in a different way. I thought the way he sang in Asu wa kuru kara was heartbreaking enough, but White lies totally did me in. Don’t be sad Junsu!!!


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