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I saw this over at spazzes and it totally made my day♥ This song is a total mood-lifter and the boys look so happy and cheery in the video! Especially Yoochun ♥ who can’t seem to stop smiling:) Love his high notes! I absolutely LOVE him in the video from 2:38 to 2:44! The smile~♥♥♥♥♥ and his hair in the video is nice too! Btw, he wrote and composed this song:) Haha, I can’t stop myself being Yoochun biased ♥. I really cannot wait for their new Japanese album! It is just going to be so awesome.

Look out for the jump! (2:45-2:53, 3:03-3:08) It is rather amusing:) video credit: ohigekitty@youtube

And if you have not watched ‘We got married’, please do so! I thought that once the original couples were gone, the show would totally suck, but the new couples are actually pretty fun to watch as well! In episode 47, even though there wasn’t many scenes of Kangin and Yoonji:( it was funny how he got jealous and ‘attacked’ the carrots when Yoonji said that she wanted to meet Shin Sung Rok.

Catch the couple strengthening rally parts of Epi47 here!

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I am starting to like Super Junior more and more:):):):):) Their new song, Sorry Sorry is pretty catchy! I’m playing it on repeat now! For my results’ sake, i hope i will not go into the state I was in after Mirotic. Last year’s Oct was just super crazy.

Oh, and i read over at that Yoochun and Yunho will be participating in the Suju’s comeback album as well! Can’t wait:) The album will be out on March 12th!


video credit: 13haewonnie@youtube

AND I am pre-ordering DBSK’s The Secret Code! OMG I can’t wait:):):):):) School’s just started and is totally stressing me out:( I need some DBSK cheering up. I have been so busy lately that i have not been able to fangirl as much as i would like to. Good news though, i met more crazy dbsk fangirls!!! YAY more people to go crazy and hyper with.


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