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Natural Looking Ranking

This is a little overdue but since Micky got the number one spot, i just have to post it up =p

video credit: eternalmerkamoon4@youtube

Jaejoong is 6th and Yoochun is FIRST♥♥♥


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The Secrets to “The Secret Code” revealed!

Guess what?! I just found out the most amazing thing! The secrets to TVXQ’s 4th Japanese album, The Secret Code, has been discovered by its Korean fans. I hope you enjoy it and spread this news to TVXQ’s foreign fans! Remember to CREDIT:):) Spread the secret!


TVXQ’s 4th Japanese album, The Secret Code. The title of the album actually means more than you think, and its secrets are revealed!! (And on the day that the album was released too! People are fast!) Credits to awesome Korean fans, Cassiopeias, who amazingly found all these out!!! ( They are so smart!!)

Read more for the secrets!!!


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