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Natural Looking Ranking

This is a little overdue but since Micky got the number one spot, i just have to post it up =p

video credit: eternalmerkamoon4@youtube

Jaejoong is 6th and Yoochun is FIRST♥♥♥


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The Secrets to “The Secret Code” revealed!

Guess what?! I just found out the most amazing thing! The secrets to TVXQ’s 4th Japanese album, The Secret Code, has been discovered by its Korean fans. I hope you enjoy it and spread this news to TVXQ’s foreign fans! Remember to CREDIT:):) Spread the secret!


TVXQ’s 4th Japanese album, The Secret Code. The title of the album actually means more than you think, and its secrets are revealed!! (And on the day that the album was released too! People are fast!) Credits to awesome Korean fans, Cassiopeias, who amazingly found all these out!!! ( They are so smart!!)

Read more for the secrets!!!


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TVXQ on Oricon Chart

TVXQ’s 4th album ‘The Secret Code’ which was realeased yesterday is second on the Oricon Charts! YAY for them. I’m really glad as they were facing tough competiton such as J-pop queen Ayumi Hamsaki who came in first.

Secret Code sold 82,291 copies on the first day:) This is great news! Their 3th album ‘T’ which also did well managed 52,273 copies in the first week and now they beat that in just a day! I really hope the sales will continue! Go TVXQ!!!

Figures for album sales taken from



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‘The Secret Code’ songs!!!

I wanted to do this earlier today, but i had to do some readings for school:( Anyway here it is! The new songs from their album!

Secret Game This is such a cool start for the album! It’s short but ultra addictive!

Force When i first heard this, i was like this is kinda weird but it sort of grew on me and now i really like it. I just have to get used to the weird ‘HO HEE’ sounds.

Nobody Knows This is actually one of my favourites:) I absolutely love the beat♥ Everyone is so sexy in this, esp Yoochun:)

9095 Beautiful song! Go Jaejoong:)

Taxi Their ballads are always good and touching. One of my favourite in the album. I love all their voices in this♥

Stand Up This is such a cool song! Love the tempo!

9096 Mysterious, alluring, haunting. It kinds of draws you in to the song’s world.

We Are (One Piece OP) Yunho and Junsu both said they liked One Piece, wonder how they felt to have an opening song for the anime!

Love the songs? I do! Please support DBSK and buy the album!

Oh and a bonus video of MinYooSu that Taqiah recently told me about. It’s from awhile back and NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED! I had to pause a few times when i first watched it cause seeing Yoochun like that made my head wander to places that it should not.

Video Credit: xxcinnyxx@youtube



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Countdown to Secret Code release

I can’t wait for DBSK’s new album, ‘The Secret Code’ which will be out on the 25th of March! They have been having really superb live performances in Japan over the past week which i just have to share with everyone:)

DBSK on ‘Bokura no Ongaku’. Beautiful live bolero performance with orchestra. I really love it when they sang Kotoba Ni Dekinai as well. They put so much emotion into the song♥ It is my favorite performance out of the 3. I love the whole atmosphere of the performance. Simply breathtaking and beautiful. I am so going to play it on repeat mode. Better save the video before it gets deleted:(

(Bokura no Ongaku)video credit: ikemenjae@youtube


Kazumasa Oda’s Kotoba Ni Dekinai

cover of SMAP’s lion heart

Another bolero performance, an ABSOLUTE must-watch. I really love Yoochun in here♥ His high note:)
Video Credit: no1akiyama@youtube

I really love Bolero, it is simply one of their most beautiful ballads, next to Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattandarou.

Doushite~ For steph:)
video credit: pinkhaptic@youtube



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video credit: MusicRandomx@youtube

One of the songs in Super Junior’s 3rd album that was released today! I put this up mainly because Yoochun♥ is in it. He and Yunho sounds good in it:) Super Junior is good too, I really like their new album so far!

I actually have much more I wanna say about Yoochun in this song but since I have been doing some major fangirling the past 4 days, i think i may go abit overboard and scare people away;p so I shall just leave it at that. I can’t really think straight right now.



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Avex keeps taking down ‘kiss the baby sky’ from youtube. I managed to find a new link, but i guess Avex did too and it has been removed, so i don’t think i will be putting up a new video for it for the time being:(

EDIT: Video is back up!



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