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장 민 씨, 셍 일 축 하 합 니 다!!!

180209 – Shim Changmin’s 21st Birthday Tribute~ (nobuhana @ youtube)

YAY MAX!! So tomorrow DBSK’s youngest gentleman Choikang Changmin turns 21!! (That is in essence what the title is, for fellow anglophones. As you’d have guessed, I’m learning Korean so must show off abit :D) Changmin, to me, has been an interesting person to observe coz he’s so built and tall but his mannerisms are eternally precious and cute. But then again when denise told me he wrote the lyrics to Evergreen and Love In the Ice I was like….dis donc! ( French for …WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH) Poetic genius mannn….the very reason I’m learning Korean. To be able to capture human experience into those words and delivering them with vocals that wind around your soul, stir your heart and energizes your person. That is the DBSK experience brought to you by the prodigy of Shim Changmin 😀 May he be as willing to share his mind and heart through the music of DBSK in times to come. Read More

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Dong Bang Over Flowers

(credit: DBSKnights33@ youtube)

This is what would have happened if my two loves had been combined♥ The video is really quite cool, however as much as i love DBSK (and i do love them ALOT), i think i am glad that they turned down the roles because i would rather them focus on what they do best, which is MUSIC. Besides, the current F4 are pretty awesome!



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