(credit:Vizpro@ youtube)

If you missed the Korean production which recently hit Singapore, Breakout Korean Extreme Dance Comedy, I feel sorry for you (not to rub it in Song heh but it really was THAT good). It was a gem of a performance from start to end with THE hottest ever blazin’ dance moves and outta this world beat-boxing. I was absolutely awed outta my brains and I think what is the best thing ever about Korean dramas, movies and productions like this is the creative humour. They were awesome for the audience participation part too – I really didn’t anticipate them to be running around in the audience as part of their ‘breaking outta jail’ routine and then the making fun of one of the audience members…super LOLROTFLLMAO!!! I don’t know that person’s umm personal feelings but it sure was funny for the rest of us!


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