new addition

A new addition to the blog’s administration! Introducing Lee Song Im!

Why am i doing a post about her? Well, it is because she is THE ONE who introduced me and Taqiah to DBSK and the whole Korean entertainment in general. I remember innocently asking her why she had TVXQ on her class shirt, which led to an explanation of the group. I heard stories of Yunho who is her favourite and soon began to try to tell them apart.

She introduced me to Korean variety shows and fuelled my Shinhwa obsession, teaching me how to pronounce their names right. I’m so glad she wants to be a part of this blog. She is a native speaker so she is going to be our OFFICIAL TRANSLATOR and consultant for Korean things in general.

I think she is pretty scared of me and Taqiah now, having turned us into obsessive DBSK fans. I think it was more than she had expected of us. We are so dragging her to any DBSK concert that we are going to so that she can help us shout stuff at them and translate whatever they say:)

Oh, i was supposed to do reviews on Boys Over Flowers, but i have been pretty busy this week. I haven’t watched episode 12 yet:( I will try my best to do next week’s reviews!


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  1. ct

    OMG you girls are so very FUNNYY!

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