Born from our craziness

Fanaholic is a joint blog managed by five obsessed fangirls who seem to be on a permanent high on Korean entertainment, especially DBSK. We decided to set up our own blog so that we can go absolutely crazy here with videos, reviews, graphics, discussions and of course FANGIRLING. Expect a lot of picture spams and ramblings on whatever that happen to catch our attention.

To get things started, I shall do a little introduction of the blog administrators and contributors.

Blog Admin:

Denise- Me! I came up with this blog because I need a place to go on and on about DBSK, Boys over flowers etc without annoying those around me.

Taqiah- This girl knows all the good videos out there and is also one of the first people to introduce me to DBSK.


Stephanie- Our resident writer of fan fiction and the first to join me in this project.

Janice- The blog’s graphic maker, designer and a super fangirl too.

Deborah-Our most recent addition to our DBSK family who is well on her way to becoming a SUPERFAN.

We will try to update at least once a week, but we are all students in uni so there are certain peak periods when we can’t update as much! As much as we would like to fangirl all the time, we can’t because of assignments and exams:(

Please visit this blog often and comments are appreciated. No bashing please. If you hate the things we write about, you do not have to read them.

YAY! The intro post is finally done. Come back for more!


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