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Updates + Survivor

I was a die-hard ‘We got married’ follower last year, I love the ant couple and of course adored joongbo soooo much that when they stopped being on the show, I gave it up.

However, I have found my way back to the show because of Kangin and Yoonji couple! I was not a Super Junior fan, (I had nothing against them, but I was always more into DBSK) but after watching Kangin, I went to watch their old series, Full House, AND now I can remember all their names! I used to think they all look alike, but I take that back now. They are also freaking hilarious! especially HeeChul and EunHyuk:)

Anyway, I have decided to maybe do reviews on Kangin and Yoonji parts on WGM, because I find them SOO CUTE! I also do realise that I have not done the Boys Over Flowers reviews:( I’m really sorry about that. I just arrived back in Sydney for a new school term and I am still settling down, so I haven’t gotten the time to catch up on the drama. I will soon though!

Regarding DBSK, they just released a new Japanese MV and their new Japanese album, ‘The Secret Code’ will be out soon!!! and I will be pre-ordering a copy:) Can’t wait! Yoochun and Yunho are in a Japanese magazine- JJ, Apr 09 issue which i hope to get tomorrow! For those we are interested, here’s the link to another blog with more info. click here

Their new MV!

Video: (kenoa83@youtube)



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yoochun’s new car

Video credit: phutran1981vnn2@youtube and dbflqud88

This post resulted mainly because I’m Yoochun biased. I just had to find a reason to post something about him♥

Oh btw, we as fans did contribute to that car right?

Picture of an Audi R8.

I wanted to post a pic of yoochun as well, but for some weird reason, i really hate searching for pictures of them. I always end up finding information that i rather not know.



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장 민 씨, 셍 일 축 하 합 니 다!!!

180209 – Shim Changmin’s 21st Birthday Tribute~ (nobuhana @ youtube)

YAY MAX!! So tomorrow DBSK’s youngest gentleman Choikang Changmin turns 21!! (That is in essence what the title is, for fellow anglophones. As you’d have guessed, I’m learning Korean so must show off abit :D) Changmin, to me, has been an interesting person to observe coz he’s so built and tall but his mannerisms are eternally precious and cute. But then again when denise told me he wrote the lyrics to Evergreen and Love In the Ice I was like….dis donc! ( French for …WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH) Poetic genius mannn….the very reason I’m learning Korean. To be able to capture human experience into those words and delivering them with vocals that wind around your soul, stir your heart and energizes your person. That is the DBSK experience brought to you by the prodigy of Shim Changmin 😀 May he be as willing to share his mind and heart through the music of DBSK in times to come. Read More

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Dong Bang Over Flowers

(credit: DBSKnights33@ youtube)

This is what would have happened if my two loves had been combined♥ The video is really quite cool, however as much as i love DBSK (and i do love them ALOT), i think i am glad that they turned down the roles because i would rather them focus on what they do best, which is MUSIC. Besides, the current F4 are pretty awesome!



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(credit:Vizpro@ youtube)

If you missed the Korean production which recently hit Singapore, Breakout Korean Extreme Dance Comedy, I feel sorry for you (not to rub it in Song heh but it really was THAT good). It was a gem of a performance from start to end with THE hottest ever blazin’ dance moves and outta this world beat-boxing. I was absolutely awed outta my brains and I think what is the best thing ever about Korean dramas, movies and productions like this is the creative humour. They were awesome for the audience participation part too – I really didn’t anticipate them to be running around in the audience as part of their ‘breaking outta jail’ routine and then the making fun of one of the audience members…super LOLROTFLLMAO!!! I don’t know that person’s umm personal feelings but it sure was funny for the rest of us!


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new addition

A new addition to the blog’s administration! Introducing Lee Song Im!

Why am i doing a post about her? Well, it is because she is THE ONE who introduced me and Taqiah to DBSK and the whole Korean entertainment in general. I remember innocently asking her why she had TVXQ on her class shirt, which led to an explanation of the group. I heard stories of Yunho who is her favourite and soon began to try to tell them apart.

She introduced me to Korean variety shows and fuelled my Shinhwa obsession, teaching me how to pronounce their names right. I’m so glad she wants to be a part of this blog. She is a native speaker so she is going to be our OFFICIAL TRANSLATOR and consultant for Korean things in general.

I think she is pretty scared of me and Taqiah now, having turned us into obsessive DBSK fans. I think it was more than she had expected of us. We are so dragging her to any DBSK concert that we are going to so that she can help us shout stuff at them and translate whatever they say:)

Oh, i was supposed to do reviews on Boys Over Flowers, but i have been pretty busy this week. I haven’t watched episode 12 yet:( I will try my best to do next week’s reviews!


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Born from our craziness

Fanaholic is a joint blog managed by five obsessed fangirls who seem to be on a permanent high on Korean entertainment, especially DBSK. We decided to set up our own blog so that we can go absolutely crazy here with videos, reviews, graphics, discussions and of course FANGIRLING. Expect a lot of picture spams and ramblings on whatever that happen to catch our attention.

To get things started, I shall do a little introduction of the blog administrators and contributors.

Blog Admin:

Denise- Me! I came up with this blog because I need a place to go on and on about DBSK, Boys over flowers etc without annoying those around me.

Taqiah- This girl knows all the good videos out there and is also one of the first people to introduce me to DBSK.


Stephanie- Our resident writer of fan fiction and the first to join me in this project.

Janice- The blog’s graphic maker, designer and a super fangirl too.

Deborah-Our most recent addition to our DBSK family who is well on her way to becoming a SUPERFAN.

We will try to update at least once a week, but we are all students in uni so there are certain peak periods when we can’t update as much! As much as we would like to fangirl all the time, we can’t because of assignments and exams:(

Please visit this blog often and comments are appreciated. No bashing please. If you hate the things we write about, you do not have to read them.

YAY! The intro post is finally done. Come back for more!


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